Crypto currency API for wallets and exchanges

We provide balance, transaction history and notifications for multiple crypto currencies.

We manage and monitor node infrastructure so you don't have to.

Outsource your node infrastructure

We compile and deploy nodes.

Don't waste time managing a data center of crypto currency node installations. Let our highly skilled engineers shoulder the burden.

Let us manage software upgrades

We monitor for software updates and keep you on the correct blockchain in case of forks.

We track the addresses you are interested in

Our high performance balance engine tracks and backups the addresses you are watching.

Resilient and performant indexing of addresses 1000x faster than adding watch addresses to a node.

Timely Notifications

We call back to a URL you provide when any of your balances change.

Simple API using public keys only

Enterprise Services and Cosigning (Coming Soon)

Completely remove the need for a hot wallet

Payment API

Use our settlements API to request payments from our multi signature wallets to your users.

All payments require signatures from your private keys and ours.


We only sign payments if they are within required limits.

Large payments can be flagged for manual intervention.

Remote Shutdown

In the event of a security issue with your service you can shut down all outgoing payments using our android or iphone app.