Crypto currency API for wallets and exchanges

We manage node infrastructure so you can connect via our API to hundreds of crypto currency blockchains

ONCHAIN.IO Crypo Currency API
We handle hundreds of tokens and coins.

One API Hundreds of coins

We are actively adding new coins all the time.

Contact us to add your currency.

Support for all ERC20 token contracts.

No limitations on which tokens you can use.

Single and Multi signature

For currencies with multi signature support.

Balances, history and payments.

Everything you need to manage funds for your clients.

API Benefits

Leverage our scalable reliable node infrastructure

Save on DevOps hosting and maintenance costs. We manage all the issues with node infrastructure.

Reduce your application dependencies and libraries

We manage the library bloat associated with crypto projects away from your application.

We manage security patches and upgrades.

No need to track for patches and upgrades. We follow the projects and upgrade when needed.


Our multi-signature wallets allow you to keep control of your cryptocurrencies with the concept of a co-signer. We are able to place limits on transfers and ensure wallets only send to cold wallet addresses.

Receive wallet.

Multisig Receive Wallets

We generate user addresses for all currencies and give you the ability to sweep all funds into your cold wallets. We provide notifications on cleared deposits across all supported currencies.

Send wallet.

Multi Signature Send Wallets

Our API allows you to create outgoing transactions from a wallet funded either from cold storage or your receive wallet. By applying limits and multi signature approval you apply the maximum possible security for your hot wallet setup.


OnChain as a Cosigner

We can be a co-signer for your send and receive wallets. This takes one signature outside your organisation and infrastructure for added security. You can then manage limits and send velocity through our management console.

Support for over 40 programming languages

OnChain uses the OPEN API 3.0.0 specification so we build thin client libraries for your application.

New Age Of REST APIs

OPEN API provides a common framework of communication, and grounds us in picking the right tools.

Open Source Tooling

All Open API code generation tools and utilities are open source and available on GitHub.

Swagger Support.