Getting your currency listed with OnChain

Why should we try and get our coin listed with OnChain.

The OnChain API gives wallets and exchanges a simple path to using multiple coins and tokens. We provide a few API calls which hide significant functionality that would need to be implemented separately by each service.

Sometimes our clients can implement a new currency in just a few hours after it’s been added to OnChain.

How does the process work?

Initially new coins are added as a Beta option. We expect to integrate with functionality the coin community provides and expect help if there are issues from that community. If the coin shows significant traction we will productionize the infrastructure in house.

What does the community need to provide.

A working block explorer API.

Insight API. For UTXO based currencies an open source fork of insight and the relevant patches to the node.

If an Insight API solution is not available we can work with developers on alternatives.

A functioning library. We need to be able to create addresses and transactions independent of your node. This means you need a functioning library that can create and sign payments. This needs to be open source and secure.

Suitable languages are Python, Node, Ruby and Rust.

We expect the community to keep the protocols as stable as possible. We reserve the right to remove a currency if significant protocol changes mean we can no longer maintain a consistent service to our customers.

Fasttrack listing.

We do list currencies that we think are required by our customers or can give our service a significant marketing boost.

It is possible to pay to get Fast tracked onto OnChain, please contact us for more information.